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Founded in loving memory of his grandparents, Severiano and Rosita Herrera (SR), Edgar began SR Striping & Painting in Houston when he saw the opportunity to improve existing parking lot striping techniques. A meticulous perfectionist, Edgar’s commitment to providing customers with the highest level of quality quickly led him down the path to success. Last year alone, SR Striping & Painting LLC showed record sales of over $3 million, and this year the company is poised to surpass that record. 

Aside from parking lot striping services, SR also provides new construction interior and exterior painting, residential interior and exterior painting, wheel stops, speed bumps, as well as concrete and curb repairs. SR Striping & Painting serves customers ranging from million dollar contracts with apartment complexes and big box commercial stores, to residential customers. Edgar and the SR Team value ALL of their customers alike, and we believe that relationship building is at the core of the company’s success.  

Whether you are looking to refresh your home with a new coat of paint, or need parking lot striping for your business, SR Striping & Painting would be honored and is ready to meet your needs.  Family owned and operated, locally based and involved in the community, the team at SR is here to serve you.  Contact us today!   


Mission Statement

To perform the highest level of quality Parking Lot Striping and Painting Services at fair market and competitive prices. To ensure the sustainability of our company via referral and repeat business earned by customer satisfaction in all areas including:  highest quality products and services, efficiency, attention to detail, and unbeatable customer service. To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness with regard to our relationships with suppliers, employees, associates, and most importantly, our customers.  


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SR Striping & Painting, LLC can be reached at

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